About the recording

The weekly recording contains extracts from all the main stories in The Mid-Sussex Times, together with useful local information and items of general interest. The master memory stick is recorded when the paper is published on a Thursday, copies are prepared and posted on Friday, and should be received by listeners on Saturday.


A recording session

Preparation of the recording and memory sticks is all done by volunteers, and is completely free, as is the postage to visually-impaired recipients.


Who is eligible?

The service is available completely free of charge to anyone having sight problems.
People with disabling conditions of any kind which make it difficult to hold, manipulate or see written material can also receive our weekly recording. (There may be a small delivery charge for this.)
Where necessary, we will also give you a memory stick player with simple controls, and ear pieces for the hard of hearing, also free of charge.


Player with memory stick inserted

If you, or a relative or friend, could benefit from our service, let us know now and we will do the rest.
Write to, or call, the Membership Secretary at the address shown below for more information.

Dr Malcolm Hulatt,
Yews Talking News of Mid-Sussex,
19 Fairfield Way,
Haywards Heath,
West Sussex RH16 1UT

Tel: 01444-417953       E-mail: malcolm@hulatt.net


About YTN

Yews Talking Yews was formed in 1976 to offer an audible local news and information service to the visually-impaired residents of Mid-Sussex.
The organisation makes use of the services of about 60 volunteers for a range of tasks: editors, readers, engineers, copiers, cleaners and packers.

engineer copying
Recording engineer

Fast-copying memory sticks

Although we have a loyal and dedicated group of people to undertake this work, we occasionally need further help with specific aspects of the production of the Yews Talking News.
The commitment is usually no more than a few hours each month, and no special skills are required. If you think you could help in any role within the organisation, please contact the Chairman on 01444-417953.